Bifrost Network, XLink, and ALEX Lab Collaboration Announced

2 min readMar 22, 2024

We are thrilled to announce a partnership between three Bitcoin-oriented projects in the game: Bifrost Network, XLink, and ALEX. This trilateral collaboration brings together the powerful capabilities of these platforms, paving the way for unprecedented cross-chain interoperability and seamless asset transfers across multiple blockchain ecosystems.

Bifrost Network, which recently announced support for sBTC on BTCFi, has joined forces with XLink, the bridge protocol for the Stacks ecosystem, and ALEX, a Bitcoin infrastructure layer project. This strategic alliance aims to create a seamless bridge between the Stacks ecosystem and other leading blockchain networks, fostering enhanced liquidity, interoperability, and composability for decentralized applications on both Bifrost and Stacks ecosystem.

Through this partnership, users will be able to move assets, including STX (the native token of the Stacks ecosystem), aBTC, sBTC, BFC (the native token of the Bifrost ecosystem), BtcUSD and other cryptocurrencies, between the Stacks blockchain and various supported networks facilitated by Bifrost Network and XLink. This cross-chain asset transfer capability will open up new opportunities for DApp developers, enabling them to leverage the strengths and capabilities of multiple blockchain ecosystems within their applications.

Furthermore, the integration with ALEX will allow users to seamlessly access and utilize decentralized finance services built on the Stacks and Bifrost ecosystem, such as swaps, stacking, lending, borrowing, and yield farming, while leveraging assets from other blockchain networks. This unlocks a world of possibilities for DeFi users, providing them with greater liquidity, diversification, and access to a wider range of financial instruments and opportunities.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Bifrost Network and ALEX to revolutionize cross-chain capabilities within the Stacks ecosystem.” — The XLink DAO Foundation. “This collaboration aligns with XLink’s mission to simplify access to Bitcoin to a global audience. By enhancing cross-chain composability and liquidity with Bifrost Network, we broaden accessibility and interoperability, catering to the diverse needs of Bitcoin enthusiasts, newcomers, and ecosystem developers alike.”

Dohyun Pak, the founder of the Bifrost Foundation added, “Our collaboration with XLink and ALEX represents a significant step towards achieving true interoperability across blockchain networks, including that of Stacks and Bifrost. We are proud to contribute our capabilities to this partnership, unlocking new possibilities for BTC enthusiasts.”

“ALEX is at the forefront of Bitcoin DeFi innovation, and our partnership with Bitfrost Network and XLink is a strategic step towards broadening our ecosystem” said Dr. Chan Ahn, CTO of ALEX. “This collaboration enables us to offer users a diverse array of Bitcoin assets and opportunities. Through this integration, we are not just expanding our offerings; we are also reinforcing our commitment to providing secure, efficient and flexible access to Bitcoin economy.”

Stay tuned for further updates and exciting developments as we continue to push the boundaries of cross-chain interoperability and decentralized finance.




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